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Rainy Day In Southern California
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Style Junkie Antiques/ Shopping Destination
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Style Junkie Antiques/ Shopping Destination

Rainy Day In Southern California

A rainy day in Southern California and I am at the computer working on my website. I just finished posting some new listings in my Etsy shop.
Now I want my visitors to eventually be able to view my website and go
immediately to my most current listings.
My husband is on Youtube and playing some incredible music.
I am almost typing to the beat.
Now back to the charge at hand. I do get a little impatient sometimes
when I do not have the technical skill to implement certain tasks. I am learning but not as quickly as I would like.

Website Review

My customers are my priority and I am always on a quest to better serve
your needs. I will continue to improve the features on my website . I now have a blog feature to bring my customers along with me on my journey
to establish Style Junkie Antiques as your Shopping Destination Of Choice.
I pledge to bring to you the best in the decorative arts.
Check back often to see how my website progresses. It will be an adventure to win your loyalty and trust.
Let me know what you think of the site so far.
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