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Search Engine Optimization
Rainy Day In Southern California
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Update on Website Buildout
Website Buildout
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Update on Website Buildout

Search Engine Optimization

Today I learn that I have brought the percentage rating of my search engine optimization rating from 33 per cent to 97 percent. What does this all mean. Well from what I understand it is a measurement of how your website can be found out there in cyberspace. I thought once you get your website you are good to go. There is more to it. I have been working with some very patient technicians. They have guided me every step of the way. Thank you Vistaprint.
Now I feel like shouting from the highest mountain.

Rainy Day In Southern California

A rainy day in Southern California and I am at the computer working on my website. I just finished posting some new listings in my Etsy shop.
Now I want my visitors to eventually be able to view my website and go
immediately to my most current listings.
My husband is on Youtube and playing some incredible music.
I am almost typing to the beat.
Now back to the charge at hand. I do get a little impatient sometimes
when I do not have the technical skill to implement certain tasks. I am learning but not as quickly as I would like.
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